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We are a design and manufacturing studio focused on creating timeless objects handcrafted in solid wood. Our expert craftsmanship and commitment to quality allows us to create pieces with ineffable beauty - defined first and foremost by the intrinsic qualities of the wood itself.  With every step of the process being handled in-house, your piece is built exactly to your requirements and always to exceed your expectations.   

Hands are our basic equipment and a major control point in our woodwork.  We use traditional techniques combined with modern tools to transform wood into designed objects.  

All aspects of the design and fabrication process are completed in-house.  From wood selection, preparation, rough processing and assembly, finishing and delivery....from tree to table, our hands are on it. 

While solid wood is our medium of choice, we often incorporate materials such as steel and leather into our designs.  

Our 10,000 square foot workshop and design studio is centrally located in Calgary, AB. 

All of our pieces can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements. We can alter dimensions, wood species and finish.  Mix and match design elements to create a piece that works for you, or choose from one of our many stock items. 

We also provide a complete design and manufacture service for custom commissions resulting in unique, beautifully crafted pieces truly personal to you. 

From the initial brief we will prepare concepts and technical drawings.  We will maintain contact with you during the process to ensure that you are fully engaged.

From confirmation of order, lead time will run 6 - 12 weeks depending on design.

We make and sell our own furniture collection but also enjoy working with many of the city's top architects and designers on a range of projects, fitting and furnishing offices, hotels, restaurants and public buildings. 

Our custom service offers the opportunity to create a piece that is truly "tailor-made" to fit your commercial space. 

We are capable of working directly from shop drawings, or designer's notes - offering advice and suggestions to create the desired style and aesthetic. 

We ship all of our products internationally, please contact us for more information.